Boca Loca Burrito Factory

In 2013 BOCA LOCA opened on the food truck scene with our 1st mobile Burrito Factory.   Since then we've hustled & muscled our way to our 1st brick-n-mortar in Berea, Ohio in Fall 2015. 
Boca Loca does big delicious burritos that are authentically Cleveland! We like to burn our calories with laughter, so come in with a light heart & an empty belly -- we got you!!  #bocamazing

lunch & dinner Menu

We are Street Food with Attitude!  Life is too short not to smile!  If you don't like laughter, this isn't the place for you!

Like it spicy? We gotcha.  Gluten-free? We will blow your mind.

Bring the kids along... we have food sized for your younger Bocas too! 

Burritos & Bowls


For the Kiddos